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"During a search for a page on facebook, I found two hate pages.They only had a few members , but all I could think was what if one of my family found this page and read  the hate speech.

I decided to "report" both pages, as  hate speech is  against Facebook's own terms of use. 

I sent links to the pages to some friends so they too could report them, they replied  with links to others  I thought that rather than 30 of us sending each other messages, I would collate the links on one Facebook page. An hour later there were hundreds of members and by the end of the day a thousand had joined. has become a huge gathering of LGBT support from all over the world. We educate each other. We have a lot of "straight" supporters who learn a lot about us too. This is community engagement, resource sharing, discussion, encouragement, on a global scale.

The most important part of is the membership, those people who click to report, share stories and help to build community spirit, they are what really matters."

Kevin Patrick O'Neil